Your Professor in Florence

Me in the field with Grey the Mime, street clown straordinario

Zachary T. Androus, PhD 


Hello! I’m Zachary, an anthropologist from the US. I’ve lived in Florence for the last twelve years, conducting research and teaching for various study abroad programs. After a lot of experience with different programs, as a professor and as an Academic Dean, as well as my own experience conducting long-term, in-depth research in Florence, I decided to start a special summer program for teaching ethnographic research methods.


Unlike most other professors who lead summer field schools, I live permanently in the field site, rather than just coming over once a year. My depth of experience and intimate familiarity with the host society means that I can give you a richer, more fulfilling encounter with the actual realities of how urban ethnographic research is done.


My teaching and research address Florence’s traditional artisans, the intensification of tourism and its consequences for the city, and the persistent questions of identity that continue to dominate Italian society. Beyond Florence, my research addresses the intersection of nationalism and endangered language revitalization, sovereignty and independence movements, and political dimensions of sport locally and globally.